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Tips for Working with an eSports Production Company

Tips for Working with an eSports Production Company

In 2019, there were 197 million eSports enthusiasts worldwide. By 2024, that number is expected to increase to 286 million due to the growth of eSports. eSports is short for electronic sports, and its events bring gamers together for organized and competitive gaming. This industry has evolved massively over the last few years, with tournaments now held worldwide and players earning the same respect you typically see with traditional athletes.

If you’ve got an eSports tournament coming up and need help with production, you’ve come to the right place. With over ten years of experience producing live eSports events, you can trust Marketing Genome’s tips to ensure your next tournament is a success. 

Here are three tips on working with an eSports production company for your next event.

  1. Find a company that has experience producing live eSports events. You’ll want to partner with a production company that has experience working in the eSports industry. Experienced professionals can provide additional guidance that otherwise wouldn’t be given to you by production companies that have never worked an eSports event. The more familiar they are with producing live eSports events, the better your production outcome will be, saving you time and money.
  2. Determine if the company can execute on everything your eSports event needs. Not all production companies operate as full-service so before partnering with one, make sure they can deliver on all of your expectations. Suppose you’re in need of creative design, arena setup, additional management, security, and more. In that case, we recommend partnering with a turnkey service production company that can handle everything on your to-do list.
  3. Take advantage of additional services to make your eSports event stand out. A turnkey service company can provide everything your eSports event will need and more. If it’s within your budget, we recommend enhancing your event with unique features such as hanging signs, LED tiles, or even bringing aboard a brand ambassador dressed as your eSports mascot to assist with customer interactions and giveaways.

Create a Unique eSports Event

At Marketing Genome, we understand the importance of creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your audience. That’s why we offer eSports fabrication, production, and management services to help you with your event from concept to completion. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like.

  • eSports Fabrication — We offer numerous ways to help keep your audience engaged and entertained, such as custom fabrication for eSports desks, gaming stations, creative photo-sharing stations, retail and POS setup for licensee and partners, exhibits and displays, main stage set design, and more.
  • eSports Production — We pride ourselves on our decades of event production experience and turnkey production services. Set your event apart with live broadcasting and production, audio and visual production, WiFi and IT expertise, interactive technology integration, fabrication, and installation and dismantle.
  • eSports Management — We are here to help you create a successful eSports event, whether we are entirely or only partially involved. Our eSports event management service can be tailored to your specific needs. We offer creative design, venue management and negotiations, logistics, food and beverage catering, giveaway production, dedicated account reps, on-site supervision, event operations, security, and more.

Examples of Successful eSport Events

eSports Gaming Arena for eMLS at PAX

Marketing Genome partnered with eMLS Soccer League, Major League Soccer’s competitive eSports league, to build a one-of-a-kind eSports gaming area for PAX East in Boston. The arena served as the event’s main focus and was carefully designed to have minimal distractions for the eSports players. The attendee lounge and viewing area featured an enormous 90′ monitor that broadcasted the main competition from the competition room so attendees could sit back, relax, and enjoy the games. Another standout feature was two exhibit walls displaying the eSports jerseys and eMLS demo gaming stations.

eMLS Retail Pop Up Shop | eSports Tournament

The eMLS Cup is an eSports tournament held by Major League Soccer in conjunction with EA Sports and FIFA. Marketing Genome created the ultimate eSports experience that included the eSports gaming arena, a complete MLS locker room replica, a photo booth with a custom fabricated “ATL” backdrop, and a retail pop-up shop all held in one convenient location. Attendees had plenty to see and do, whether it was lounging around in the locker room or buying merch at the pop up shop.

Work With Marketing Genome on Your Next eSports Event

With eSports growing more and more in popularity, now is the perfect time to plan out your next tournament! As one of the nation’s leading eSports production and management companies, we can provide an unforgettable eSports tournament experience. If you’re looking to take your eSports experience to the next level, contact us today! One of our expert marketing consultants will get on the phone for a complimentary brainstorm and evaluation session to find out how we can help with your eSports production.

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