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4 Convention Booth Design Programs That Make Beginners Look Pro

4 Convention Booth Design Programs That Make Beginners Look Pro

Last Updated On: June 26, 2023

Designing a convention booth may seem daunting, especially if it is your first attempt. Fortunately, the industry leaders have developed some intuitive, beginner-friendly software to help you along. And this software isn’t just for beginners! The professionals at Marketing Genome also take advantage of these programs and their offerings.

What convention booth design programs make beginners look like pros?

Here are three design programs we currently use during our trade show booth design process:


SketchUp is your standard professional convention booth design program. You start with baseline shaping, expand surfaces into 3D walls and countertops, and eventually, you will have a custom trade show booth. We stress the word eventually because even the most seasoned trade show booth designer must set aside a substantial amount of time to develop a killer booth design.


Rhino3D can create an accurate and detailed 3D model of your booth with no limits to complexity, degree, or size. Its photorealistic animations, illustrations, and real-time rendering capabilities make it perfect for designing a booth. Although this software comes with multiple tools and functions, they’re easy to learn, and the unique visualization features Rhino3D offers make it worth the effort to master. 


AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software that replaces manual designing with an automated process. The ability to automate tasks like replacing blocks, comparing drawings, counting objects, etc., maximizes productivity and allows you to complete your projects faster. If you don’t have computer-aided design experience, you may find AutoCAD more challenging to use than someone with more experience. However, with time and practice, anyone can master this software.

While SketchUp, Rhino3D, and AutoCAD are the programs we currently use, others are available and may better fit you and your vision. These programs include:


In addition to the tool itself, its informative website sets Smart Draw Booth Layout and Trade Show Planning apart from other programs. Though you can create your booth from the ground up, SmartDraw provides you with a set of excellently conceived templates. In addition, the program can help you produce collateral materials for marketing and visitor “takeaways.” Do not be mistaken, SmartDraw will not give you top-notch full 3D renderings, but it is a good stepping-off point for conceptualizing with top-down layouts.

Expand DiplayBuilder

Conveniently developed by Expand, one of the most commonly used trade show building materials manufacturers, Expand DisplayBuilder designs booths with Expand brand products.

Though it includes fewer “bells and whistles” than the other products on this list, DisplayBuilder is easy to learn and can produce excellent trade show booth designs and associated sales presentations. New GrandFabric features have recently been added to include various frame sizes, shelves, and roofs. Keep in mind you are slightly limiting yourself because you can only use Expand brand display components and frames.

Exhibit Core

Developed as a sales tool, this program lets you start from scratch or with various pre-made templates. Start with a floor plan if you have multiple rooms at the event, and then build 3D booth designs. Afterward, you can upload your models to the Floor Planner section of ExhibitCore’s website. You can then share the designs with whomever you decide.

Again, this will get you closer to a professional 3D rendering, but not a custom booth with complete branding and little details. Looking to add merchandise, mannequins, props, or other products? It’s going to take a little bit more experience.

Trust Marketing Genome for All Your Convention Booth Designs

While these new and old software tools make the convention booth design process more accessible, it is still somewhat of a challenge to get it just right. If you want to go the easier route, grab a pen and some paper, sketch out a rough design, and then turn to the professionals at Marketing Genome. Our team is intimately familiar with the design process and can have an idea turned out for you in far less time and with far less aggravation than by doing it yourself.

Do you need help creating a trade show booth? One of our expert marketing consultants can provide a complimentary brainstorming and evaluation session to find out how we can help you. Let’s Talk!


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