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Creating Truly Unique Trade Show Displays In A Tiny Floor Space

Creating Truly Unique Trade Show Displays In A Tiny Floor Space

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Using unique trade show displays can allow your booth space to offer an out of the ordinary experience for visiting attendees. How you control the flow of your 10×10, 10×20 or other smaller space and its overall theme will have a significant impact on how your booth is received by the public and show attendees. Below you will find some ideas and examples of ways to fully leverage the booth real estate you are provided.

Typical Layouts for Small Booth Spaces

Smaller booth space exhibitors often utilize slat wall, grid wall panels or shelves of a similar size for displays. If you are going for a more individualized attendee experience, this type of unique trade show displays may actually backfire due to having a higher potential for throughput.

A good practice is to use a U-shape with thin tables that provide some movement space and an open floor plan. A full meet and greet booth with a swag counter, numerous display cases, greeting counter and multiple monitors are most likely going to come across as overwhelming and cluttered in such a small area. Focus on what your objective is, whether it be sales, brand awareness or networking and booth layout should fall into place accordingly.

What makes a Small Space Booth Unique?

One of the most important aspects of unique trade show displays is to draw in your audience. Experiential marketing is all about experiences. So what do a few products thrown up on a shelf say about your brand? Engulf your attendees in your brand. Show off your brand culture. Toss them into the deepest depths of product features and specs.

This can be done in several ways. One cool idea we’ve seen was when Android put up a slide that attendees could actually slide down. Not that this had much to do with Android products but it did demonstrate how enjoyable their brand culture is. If anything it surely drew a crowd, hook, line and sinker.  The booth did end being larger than a small 10×20 but it should serve as an example of what can be done with limited space.

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One other way to be highly approachable is to have your booth staff dress up as an extension of your brand. Regardless of booth size, booth staff take up very little space. Exhibiting at a gun show? Why not have your staff dress up in military fatigues? Even better yet ones that show off your product? I know it seems cheesy on paper but trust us, It works at the convention! The effect is fun and approachable, all which attendees adore. The end goal is to make attendees feel drawn in by props and other tactics that inspire a feeling they are allowed to approach your booth.

Small Booths That Work Well

One example that a small booth space can be extremely powerful came from the December 2013 IAEE Expo! Expo! A booth we will leave anonymous, featured a minimalist design and an emphasis on the conversation they wanted to have with their customers. Using a video wall and a small number of tables that did not distract the eye, the company was able to begin the conversation on a fresh and lively note.

Another small booth that worked well has been a Windows Phone promo by Microsoft. Using a monochromatic olive-inspired green on white background and keeping the total number of shapes above eye level minimal, the company drew in attendees with little risk of intimidating them visually.

There are many elements to successful booth design. Do not feel that your 10×10 spot put you at a disadvantage. Often times small booths do better simply because they offer attendees a break from the craziness. We find that what works for one show doesn’t work for another. Experiential marketing and trade shows are so targeted that it takes very a very experienced eye to get the result you want regardless of booth size, budget or anything else you feel may be holding you back.

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