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Bandai Spirits is a Japanse-based entertainment company that is known for producing comic books, figurines, plastic model kits, and more. Some featured titles include Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Godzilla, and others.

Project Details

Bandai contracted Foster to provide custom trade show displays as well as handle the international logistics of their Dragon Ball Z tour that kicked off at San Diego Comic-Con International. While the Dragon Ball Z tour started in San Diego, it would eventually travel to six other cities in the U.S. then travel internationally to Mexico, China, Germany, and Japan.

Fostering the Vision





Outdoor Arena

When Bandai came to us with an idea to model an enormous outdoor marketing display after their hit TV show Dragon Ball Z, we were chocked full of ideas. The biggest obstacle was finding a space to host the event during Comic-Con. Fortunately, we were able to secure a gigantic space on the bay side behind the Marriott to produce this outdoor display.


Larger Than Life Characters

With all the cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con, the Dragon Ball Z characters had to be spot on. And they were! Made from a wide range of modeling materials, they were all handcrafted and painted. They looked as good from 100 feet away as they did up close and personal.


Planning for Every Scenario

Southern California has beautiful weather 90% of the time, but we weren’t about to leave that precious 10% to chance and ruin everyone’s Dragon Ball Z Comic-Con experience. Flanking either side of the main tower were two covered spaces where giveaways, photo-ops, video game demos, staff, and lead retrieval devices were all stationed.


Making the Moment

Foster helped Bandai bring their outdoor arena to life with:

  • Multiple photo-op props and displays
  • Wide range of life-sized mannequins and statues
  • Three-story stage and tower
  • Indoor area in case of bad weather
  • Acrylic podiums