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Konami is a worldwide gaming juggernaut and one of the largest gaming companies in the world. They’re known for such names as Metal Gear Solid, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Contra, Frogger, and eFootball.

Project Details

Foster has helped Konami with countless events ranging from massive gaming tournaments to show-stopping booths complete with competitive arenas. For this endeavor, they were looking to showcase Yu-Gi-Oh! at San Diego Comic-Con with three television series, a feature film, dozens of video game titles, an online game, and nearly a hundred releases for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game.

Foster helped Konami bring their Yu-Gi-Oh! exhibit display to life with:

  • Back-lit floor-to-ceiling trading card display
  • 25’ x 10’ hanging fabric banner
  • Large graphics featuring pre-eminent characters
  • Meeting room

Fostering the Vision







Hello, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Every summer more than 130,000 fans take over San Diego for one of the largest and most prominent conventions in the world known as the San Diego Comic-Con (Comic-Con International). Konami, whom year after year remains one of the largest exhibitors, needed a way to greet the masses in a friendly and engaging way whilst still keeping the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament players organized. We worked closely with Konami to design, fabricate, and build a custom greeting counter to complement the custom exhibit. Each individual piece of wood, acrylic, and lighting was hand designed and fabricated. To finish it off, an interchangeable screen was mounted front and center.


The Perfect Photo Op

San Diego Comic-Con is a packed event with devoted attendees, so it was our job to deliver a booth that would accommodate the large number of activities going on, while still rolling out a kickass design. We featured a green screen where attendees could choose from five fun backgrounds to get their pictures printed on a one of a kind Yu-Gi-Oh! token card, included a custom-built video game kiosk featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! game play on Facebook, and gave players the unique opportunity to road test their decks and see how they match up to former US and YCS champions on our Duel the Master stage.

"I've worked with many "exhibit houses" and you blow them out of the water. [Foster] is creative, responsive, and cost-effective!"

- Director of Marketing | Konami